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Started in 2004, Finish Line Construction set out to specialize in Residential and Commercial Construction.  Setting itself apart from the crowd, Finish Line Construction sets its sight on the finish line where customer service plays an integral role in everything that’s done.  From the very first call to the way the project unfolds on sight, you’ll see the difference.

You can give us a call, email us or use the handy-dandy Facebook Instant Messenger (lower right-hand corner, looks like a talking lightning bolt) to start a conversation right away.

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Why Choose Finish Line Construction

Free Consultation

Steve will come to you, review the project and give you a quote. During the consultation we’ll see what needs to be done and tackle challenges.  With experience comes wisdom and we will address any pitfalls or obstacles that may come up.  We will devise work-arounds and alternatives if need be so that we can reach finish line.

A One-Stop Shop

Don’t believe it?  Give Steve a call.  Finish Line Construction really does, do it all.  Concrete, cabinets, painting, roofing, patios, remodeling, structural, staining, residential, commercial.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I always leave a job site clean, complete and with a happy customer.  When I get the green light I don’t stop until I cross the Finish Line.

Your Do-it-all Contractor

The chief reasons homeowners undergo a remodel are because they desire better and newer amenities or feel compelled to repair or replace old components in their homes.  More than 58% of homeowners plan to spend money on home improvement projects this year.

Damage Repairs

Over time materials break down.  That’s just a given.  Whether its your overhangs, rotted out wood, broken cement or even your roof, you’ll need to fix and maintain your home.


Finish Line Construction does it all.  Want a wall?  We can put up walls.  Want a patio?  We’ll provide you with some cooling shade.  Envision a new driveway?  There is no stopping us.  Opening a new retail store and need finishing work?  That works for us!


From kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets and entire house remodels, to new sun-rooms, aviaries, green houses or cool new areas for fire pits?  Finish Line Construction has seen and built it all.


Masters at painting.  It’s all in the prep work and you’ve never… ever… we mean never have seen such clean work before in your lives.  You will truly be impressed.


New driveways, sidewalks, patios, pavers, designs, stamped, foundations for tool-sheds the whole kit and kaboodle.  Want a cement countertop or floors polished and coated?  Piece of cake.


Top notch design, construction and finishing work.  Whether it’s something new or sanding down, prepping and painting old cabinets, shelves or bookcases we will do it.  You’ve never seen wood stain custom matched as closely as we will do it.  It’s truly masterful and something you just have to see.

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

Ever have a problem getting a Contractor to come out and give and estimate for your project?  How many times have they not gotten back with you?  It’s frustrating.  Steve Lee saw this all-too-frequent pattern as a major problem in talking with people who felt like they were on some sort of contractor “naughty list”.  Finish Line Construction operates above the clouds and you’ll be impressed with how quickly Steve Lee responds.


“What I enjoy about Finish Line Construction is that I get to control customer quality and satisfaction.” Steve Lee

“No job to large or small for Steve! He bailed me out in a pinch when all me smoke detectors needed to be replaced and I had a light switch that was sparking. Great guy, great work. Will absolutely use these guys again.” Linda Myers

“You’ll never talk to Steve and feel like you’re talking to someone dead inside with no energy and no passion for work and a job well done.” Scott Peterson

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I aim to please and although I’m not on the job site 24/7, I am taking calls all throughout the day and most of the evening.  I usually get home late, eat dinner late and get to bed early.

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