Next to the Pacific Northwest, the small city of Asheville, NC is a hotbed of tiny house action. One of the most recent tiny home companies to open up in the “San Francisco of the East” is Red Crown Tiny Home Company. After building larger homes in the area for decades, the company has now veered toward ADUs and THOWs.

Red Crown builds handcrafted ADUs and THOWs.

Red Crown not only builds custom tiny homes, but they also offer four of their designs for rent on Airbnb. These “try before you buy” homes are located in the mountains of Asheville and the Acony Bell Tiny House Village and showcase the companies simple but beautiful style. Nearly everything in the homes is handcrafted. From the furniture and cabinets and down to the doorknobs.

The homes include spacious living spaces and ladder or staircase options.

Each model can also be built with double lofts.

The company offers a few models and floor plans, but the homes can be custom built with customer input. The current designs include a small rear kitchen and bath with main loft above. Lofts are accessed by ladders or stairs with storage. A living space has room for full furniture and an additional loft above the door and dining alcove. Both contemporary and cottage styles are available.

Many parts of the homes are handcrafted, including furniture and doorknobs.

Photos by Red Crown Tiny House Company

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]